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Future Perfusion Professional


Cassie Garland, Future Perfusion Professional

Cassie Garland, a senior biology student at YSU, was recently accepted into the Cleveland Clinic School of Perfusion, a highly competitive program that combines perfusion-specific clinical experience and field-related courses.

Only seven other students were accepted.

Air Removal Characteristics of Integrated AF

By: Marco C. Stehouwer, Chris Boers, Roel de Vroege, Johannes C. Kelder, Alaaddin Yilmaz, Peter Bruins The use of minimized extracorporeal circuits (MECC) in cardiac surgery is an important measure to increase the biocompatibility of cardiopulmonary bypass during coronary artery bypass grafting (CABG). These circuits eliminate volume storage reservoirs and bubble traps to minimize the […]

Rational Approach to Perioperative Fluid Management

By: Daniel Chappell, M.D.,* Matthias Jacob, M.D.,* Klaus Hofmann-Kiefer, M.D.,* Peter Conzen, M.D.,† Markus Rehm, M.D. Replacement of assumed preoperative deficits, in addition to generous substitution of an unsubstantiated increased insensible perspiration and third space loss, plays an important role in current perioperative fluid regimens. The consequence is a positive fluid balance and weight gain […]