PPDC Meeting – March 23, 2023

PPDC Recognizes Retiring Executive Directors of ABCP

On behalf of the Perfusion Program Directors Council,

We would like to thank DEMS, Beth Richmond and Steve Oshrin for their unparalleled commitment to the perfusion community. Your dedication to perfusionists, perfusion students, perfusion organizations and the certification process has set the bar for current and future generations.

Please know that your legacy has set the standard in perfusion for years to come. The ripple effect of your hard work and expertise permeates every aspect of perfusion. Many of us have grown personally from your advice, education and mentorship. Perfusion leaders across the country have benefited from countless hours invested in the perfusion profession. We know there are no true words that can express our gratitude and the debt we owe each of you. Please accepts our sincerest appreciation. We thank you, your families and your staff.

With heart felt gratitude,

Perfusion Program Directors
Edward R DeLaney
Chair of the Perfusion Program Directors Council

PPDC Conference Call – May 24 2022

Reminder to all Program Directors,

Our next conference call meeting on May 24th!  See you all then. peace, deb

Topic: Ed DeLaney’s Zoom Meeting

Time: May 24, 2022 02:00 PM Eastern Time (US and Canada)

Welcome to the new website

Welcome to the newly updated PPDC website. Please check out our updated content and visit the frequently asked questions section, newly added student page and PPDC/ABCP collaborative information section.

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