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Program Director: Scott Sanderson, MPS, CCP, LP
Sponsoring Institution: Clinical Perfusion Education
Program Length: 21 months
Degrees Offered: Masters

Suggested Courses:

  • Microbiology including Lab: 3 sem hrs 
  • Organic Chemistry: 3 sem hrs 
  • Biochemistry: 3 sem hrs

Other Information:

The faculty of the University of Nebraska Medical Center, in cooperation with its affiliated hospitals, has a responsibility to contribute to the health manpower needs of clinical perfusionists throughout the country, and to provide educational opportunities for perspective students to pursue health careers of their choice. This educational program will seek to identify individuals who possess the skills necessary to meet the responsibilities of a clinical perfusionist. 

The primary responsibility of cardiovascular perfusion is to provide the safest and highest level of patient care, through the establishment of a strong foundation in the perfusion sciences. The academic courses included in the program will provide the student with a firm background in perfusion technology. To achieve this, course work in physiology, pharmacology, medical electronics and monitoring, computer technology, research, and cardiovascular dynamics are all included.